About Basata Band


It all started back in 2008 when Ehab Abd El Wahed & Nabil Lahood were singing and having fun at Basata camp, Sinai. And people were amazed by the beauty of their music asking if they were a band. Without hesitation Lahood replied which was the official start point of nine friends who made a big change in the course of Arabian music by mixing of eastern & western instruments done by the master player of the band, Ehab Abd el Wahed the lead singer and composer, &:

And these nine friends with their strong bonds that came from the music night’s at Lahood home. Began the Basata Band journey with many concerts locally at (El-Azhar park, Elsawy cultural wheel, Citadel theatre)and internationally in 2009 Spain & Jordan  2013 at Elgarsh.

why Basata?!

as obvious from the origin place where it all started Basata camp in south Sinai. But there was another reason which is the concept of simplicity the band chose to be their signature on both the lyrics & melodies

Our message
Music is a message and ours is belonging to our country heritage & origins. The rhythms of our ancestors which has the same language and simplicity that was always able to send love, expressing our memories in our own way that has the standards & joy we want to give to our audience

Uniqueness at it’s simple form

Basata band-for us- is a creative place we want it to be created through the most difficult way of mixing the electric and non-electric music and made the wooden instrument our base to make this unique flavor of eastern & western music with 3 main culture which are: Spanish, African and Arabic.