Amir Samir

Amir Samir

violinist and pianist

He was born on the 17th of January 1988.

About his Talent

His artistic side started to appear when he just a little kid, which made his parents let him join the conservatoire when he was 8.

He studied Piano, then he joined the higher institute of Arab music, Violin section and he graduated in 2014.

The artist Moheb Fouad, his uncle, is considered his role model as a violinist. He was the one taking care of his talent, he even used to help him practice and study.

Amir & Basata

Amir Samir joined the band in their second year, and when he joined, music arrangement has taken a new shape, and he became the official music arranger for the band, in addition to being the band violinist, pianist and one of the singers.