Bass guitarist

he is originally from El-Menia, graduated 2013 from the faculty of music education, Helwan University. currently, he is a researcher at audition postgraduate section in the double bass master’s degree level.

About his talent

he discovered his talent in 2002 at the preparatory stage he was the school musical team main player then he joined the culture palace team in 2006. during his college years and after graduation he studied closely classic music and Arabian music. he was chosen for David Marcos jazz foundation workshop
Ashry has touched many music genres and played with multiple independent and underground band even superstars like Yehia Khalil.

Ashry & Basata

Ashry begins his relationship with Basata back at 2009 as a listener as he’s a friend with Hany Seka & Amir Samir. till he was asked to join the band in March 2016 to be the last addition to Basata Family.