Michael Fouad

Michael Fouad

Quanon player

He was born on the 13th of October 1990 to Egyptian parents. Ehab Samir and Amir Samir are related directly to him, as he is their cousin.

The artist Moheb Fouad played an important role in Michael Fouad’s life as he is his uncle. He took care of his artistic side since he joined the higher Arab Institute (Academy of arts) and till he graduated.

About his Talent

He excelled in Quanon, and he is considered the youngest professional Quanon player in the Middle East.

Michael Fouad is the youngest member of the band.

He joined the higher institute of Arab music to develop his talent by studying it, and he graduated in 2012 with the Grade A+, and he is getting prepared for his masters.

Michael & Basata

He joined the band a year after they started, including him they became 6 members instead of 5.